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Toby Schindelbeck: A Principled Conservative Leader

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District 4A deserves a Representative who will stand by his Conservative Values when elected to office. Too often, individuals run as conservatives to get elected, and then legislate like liberals once in office. That is something I find offensive. I am a man of my word, and I will stand by my Christian Conservative principles with every vote I make.

When you vote for me, you vote for an honest, trustworthy and steadfast patriot who will defend Idaho’s sovereignty at every turn.

Our current representative in Seat 4A, Luke Malek, voted for the Idaho Health Exchange, a bill that was opposed by the majority of Idahoans. The reality is that the federal healthcare law is controlled and dictated by the federal government. The state of Idaho has virtually NO control over how the exchange is operated. By voting for the Idaho Health Exchange, Representative Malek and others simply placed a cost burden on the taxpayers of Idaho. I believe that federal programs should be paid for by federal dollars, not by Idahoans.

In this year’s Primary Elections, it is time for a change. If you choose me as your Representative in Seat 4A, I will support any efforts to repeal the Idaho Health Exchange. I will not compromise my morals and values.

Small businesses are the engine of Idaho’s economy. According to the SBA, small businesses represent 96.9% of all employers in the state of Idaho. Small businesses in North Idaho should have an advocate on the Legislature. Someone who knows how hard it is to make a payroll when business is down. Someone who is intimately familiar with the regulations, restrictions and taxes small business owners have to deal with to employ people and make a profit.

I will be that advocate for small businesses and their employees in North Idaho. As the owner of NUTRISHOP Coeur d’Alene, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to operate a small business. I will oppose any additional regulations and restrictions on businesses, and I will oppose any tax increases, fees and fines.

I believe in personal property rights, the right to life, limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and our state sovereignty. I believe that our Second Amendment rights are non-negotiable.

My name is Toby Schindelbeck, and you have my promise that when you vote for me for Idaho State Representative Seat 4A, I will carry these beliefs and principles with me to Boise, and I will not compromise.